Girl pouring tea. “Welcome”

Welcome to NMC Coaching, short for Navigating Motherhood Coaching. I created this space to help mothers rediscover themselves, achieve their goals and create amazing lives. My approach to coaching is very individualized, so we will work together to find the solutions that will work for you.

My daughter and I when she was a baby.

My name is Darcey. I’m a certified professional coach who specializes in issues surrounding motherhood. My background is in early childhood education. I’m a mom to a happy and inquisitive four-year-old girl. I love books, cats, writing, the beach and seeing new places. If you want to learn more about me and how we can work together, take a look at my about page.

How Can I help You?

Enough about me. This blog is about you. I’m here to help you work through the challenges you are facing. What would you like to read about? What do you need help with? Tell me in the comments.