Prepping your home and lawn for warm weather is more than just mowing, cleaning, and planting; it’s also a good idea to make sure everything is safe for your little ones. Making plansnow to get everything in order will help give you peace of mind and allow your kids to have fun outdoors when the sun is out. But where do you start?

Parent Prep for Spring and Summer An OUtdoor Safety Guide

Think about what your kids will be doing most often during warm weather. If you have a pool or other water-based area in your yard, Swim University advises making sure it’s clean and has plenty of safety equipment available, such as flotation devices, life jackets, and slip-free surfaces. Grass should be kept short to help prevent biting bugs and snakes. It’s also a good idea to think of some fun, safe outdoor activities that your little ones can do in your own backyard once school is out for summer. 

Here are a few of the best tips from NMC Coaching on how to prepare for spring and summer outdoor play.

Children safely exploring outdoors

Lay the Groundwork

Hours will be spent in the front and back yards, so get your lawn and landscaping ready for action. Inspect the grassy areas and remove hazards like fallen limbs, and Allstate suggests filling inany holes that may have developed over the months. Overgrown hedges or dying plants should be taken care of or changed out. You may consider using decorative landscaping using shrubs, tall decorative grasses and trees to create a safe place for kids to play; the goal is to create privacy and contain the kids in the yard and prevent them from wandering off.

Child exploring mushroom.

All of the prepwork can be completed quickly and competently by a professional landscaping company, so start your research now. Online service directories are very helpful as you search for companies that specialize in backyard landscaping, as ratings and reviews are available for many of the companies listed. As you narrow your search, be sure to look for those who are insured and bonded, and ask for a detailed estimate up front.

Keep Sunscreen Handy

The first rule of outdoor safety is sunscreen. Teach your kids that even on cloudy or overcast days, or days that don’t feel so hot, it’s still important to slather on the sunscreen for outside time. Keep a bottle handy in the garage or on the back porch so it’s always accessible, and read the label. Some brands require a few minutes on the skin before they’re effective, so it might be necessary to put it on before the kids head outside.

Water Safety

Water safety is imperative, no matter how old your kids are. If you have a pool, make sure everyone in the family has a life vest that is in good shape and that the pool itself is clean and has the right amount of chemicals to keep bugs away. This is especially important when it comes to mosquitoes, who love standing water and can spread several types of disease when the weather gets hot. If you have a deep, in-ground pool and young children, consider investing in a motion sensor alarm that will alert you when someone gets too close.

Backyard camping is a safe outdoor activity

Prepare Some Fun Activities

Giving your kids some fun activities to do when it heats up outside will keep them entertained, and if you make them family oriented, you can turn this summer into a bonding session for all your loved ones. Bird watching, building and painting a birdhouse or feeder, backyard campouts, nature hikes, outdoor treasure hunts, bike riding expeditions, and setting up a lemonade stand are all great ways to spend time together while staying active. 

Preparing your backyard for all the fun activities your kids can do this summer can be a big job, so make a list of all the things you’ll need so nothing gets left out. Get the kids involved and have them help you clean up and get things ready. This will keep them motivated to play outside when it warms up rather than staying in to play video games, and it will also remove some of the burden from your shoulders. This way, everyone can have a fun, relaxing summer.

How to keep your children safe outdoors

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