This week, I have a special treat for you. A guest post by Elena Stewart. Do you wake up on Sundays already dreading the week ahead? Do you lose sleep on Sunday nights because your to do list is already a mile long? Read on to learn how to overcome those Sunday scaries and have a productive but relaxing weekend.

12 ways to overcome the Sunday scaries

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and your stress levels are rising as you think about everything you need to do to finish up to get ready for the next week. The “Sunday scaries” are settling in, and this weekly phenomenon drains the joy from your final day off. However, if you’re a parent, working with NMC Coaching can help you figure out how to reclaim your time. Plus, these resources are packed with suggestions on getting rid of the Sunday scaries!

Taking Care of Your Body

It’s hard to continue eating healthy and working out on the weekends. Here’s how to keep up with these habits through Sunday.

● Using a smartwatch with a fitness tracking app will keep you on top of your routine.

● To make sure your smartwatch fits properly, you’ll need a snug watch band!●

By meal prepping on Sunday, you’ll already have your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners portioned for the week.

Don’t forget to take your vitamins and supplements on Sunday night!

12 Resources to help you overcome the Sunday Scaries

Prioritize Your Mental Health

Maybe you’re used to feeling stressed every Sunday — but it doesn’t have to be this way. These resources will help you approach Sunday with a more positive attitude.

  • ● Step away from the world for a while by having a home spa day.
  • ● This bedtime yoga routine will give you sweet dreams!
  • ● If you tend to have racing thoughts every Sunday night, meditation could be the solution.
  • ● Taking care of little ones? A coach who works with parents can help you with stress management. Contact NMC Coaching for more information.

Clean Up Your Space

Starting the week with a clean home allows you to stay focused on things you need to get done.

  • ● Block off an hour or so to take care of any clutter in your closet. ● Don’t start the week with a dirty kitchen! Wipe it downafter cooking on Sunday.
  • ● Spruce up your bathroom in no time with these handy speed cleaning tips.

If you feel your mood dip every Sunday, it’s time to turn things around. You can turn Sundays into a day that you look forward to instead! By following the tips from the resources outlined above, you can overcome the Sunday scaries. 

How to have a productive weekend

Is parenting making it tough for you to manage your time on the weekends? NMC Coaching can help you get your schedule under control! Contact us through our website to get started.

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