When you think of Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? In the stores, you always see chocolates, teddy bears and flowers. You hear about getting jewelry or you’ll see women getting a flower arrangement from their guy. It’s supposed to be a day for love, but of course it has been commercialized and much of the marketing is directed at men and the things they should be buying their wives or girlfriends. While Valentine’s Day can be about love for your friends, your family, your children or even for yourself, I’m talking about the guys today. Here are 12 ways to spoil your guy on Valentine’s Day.

How To Spoil Your Guy on Valentines Day

1. A Special Valentine’s Day Meal

Cook him his favorite meal

They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, so this is definitely one way to spoil him. If you don’t feel like cooking, order his favorite meal for takeout.

2. Valentine’s Dessert

Does your guy have a favorite treat that you make? If so, this is another great way to make him feel special. Plus you took the time to make it, so it makes it even better!

Couple enjoying a Valentines picnic on the beach

3. Have a Valentine’s Picnic

Have you noticed a theme here? This post won’t be all about food, I promise, but a picnic can definitely be romantic. If the weather is nice, put some food and drinks in a basket and find a nice place to have a picnic. Maybe you have a favorite park that you go to or maybe you like to spend time on the beach. You can pick a spot that is special to the both of you or try somewhere new. Either way, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with each other.

4. Valentine’s Movie Night

Does your guy love movies? If so, this is for you. Rent or buy one of his favorite movies or choose a new movie to watch together. Grab some popcorn and your favorite drinks. This is a perfect night in for cuddling on the couch. You could also binge watch a tv show together. That’s always fun!

5. Game Night

Is your guy into sports? If his sport is in season watch a game with him. Don’t forget his favorite snacks. Grab some things you like too. Especially if you’re not that into the game. Sometimes the best gift is just letting him do something he really enjoys.

Couple enjoying reading book together

6. Books

If your guy likes to read, you can get him a book that he’d like. Who knows. Maybe it’s something you can both read together. Sometimes books can make great conversation topics.

7. Create a Love Puzzle

You can create a personalized puzzle. This cross word maker is great. I made one for my guy that was all about him. The possibilities with this are endless.

Woman giving man Valentine’s gift

8. Date Night Subscription Boxes

Are you out of date ideas? If you feel like you’ve tried everything, why not get one of these date night subscription boxes? They have fun activities to get to know each other better and the best part is they come once a month, so you almost have to make time for it, right? I suppose this is something for yourself as well, but it can be good for both of you and your relationship.

9. Valentine’s Gift Baskets

If you really want to pamper your guy, why not. Make him a gift basket? Some ideas are personal items, sports/fitness, tools, gaming, things for his desk, favorite snacks and or candy etc. You can combine themes to make the perfect personalized gift basket for your man.

How to Spoil Your Guy on Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed

10. Valentine’s Photo Album

A lot of men love photos. You can make him a photo album of all the things that he loves. It can be all photos of you or if you have children, you may want to include them in the album. You can take pictures of his favorite places, things that bring back memories, his pets, etc.

You can also make a photo collage or a vision board.

Some themes include:

  • Coupple goals,
  • our dates for the upcoming year,
  • our family,
  • how I feel about you,
  • our bucket list.

You can even do this together. It will help you reconnect around your hopes and dreams as a couple.

11. Make a Valentin’es Playlist

Most people love music, so create a special playlist for him. You can do this on a streaming service, through Itunes or if you’re old school, you can burn a CD. Does anyone do that anymore?

12 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

12. Write a Love Letter

One of the simplest things you can do is to make him a heart felt card or write a love letter. Some men aren’t great at expressing their feelings, but most guys would be appreciative if you told him everything you love about him. Women are supposed to be better at expressing feelings. Well, that’s according to the stereotype, but if the love letter is not for you, there are other options.

You can find love quotes that resonate with how you feel about him. Leave them on sticky notes where he can see them, send him texts or sprinkle them in your love letter if you decide to write one.

12 Ways to Spoil Your Guy on Valentine’s Day

There you have it. My list of 12 ways to spoil your guy on Valentine’s Day. Did I forget anything? I’d love to hear what you are doing for your guy on Valentine’s Day. tell me in the comments. If you are single, Valentine’s Day can still be enjoyable for you too! Follow me on Instagram where I will be sharing the best ways to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day!