As a parent with disabilities, you may not know how to make your dreams of entrepreneurship come true. How do you ensure you can balance your obligations as a parent, your health, and a business? Navigating Motherhood Coaching wants you to know that you can succeed with a plan, a home-based office, and a connection with clients.

For disabled parents: How to create your dream business

Start With a Plan

Before your dreams become a reality, you need a strategy. A business plan helps you manage your company through every stage. Many entrepreneurs choose a comprehensive traditional plan. This type of plan includes a summary of your mission, how you plan to be successful, and market analysis. It also details your financial projections, funding needs, and business structure.


To complete a market analysis, you need to look at your industry and target market. Check out the competitors and consider their strengths. What makes your competition successful? Figure out how you can offer something better. In addition to identifying your target audience, market research can also tell you if your business ideas are profitable. Always stay up-to-date on the market to ensure you know what clients want, even when needs change.

Make an accessible work space

Make an Accessible Workspace

If your disability affects your mobility, you may want to consider a home-based business. Not only can you create an accessible workspace for yourself, but it also gives you more time to be with your children. You can sell anything from your home and use social media to advertise. And you don’t have to worry about non-compliant offices or other hurdles related to your disability.


You may need to meet with clients in your home depending on your business. Creating a distinct work area is vital for these interactions. You don’t want a client sitting at your dining room table with your toddler coloring next to them! Converting an unused room is the ideal situation, but if you can’t devote that amount of space, create a clear division between work and home by using dividers or strategic furniture placement. Also be aware that smells carry throughout your house. Even pleasant cooking smells should be whisked away by a quiet but efficient range hood in your kitchen. That way your client won’t be thinking about their dinner plans during your late afternoon meeting.

Things to consider if you are starting a home based business

Create a Financial Strategy

There are grants available for small business owners with disabilities, including those to help you with medical expenses, housing, and equipment. In some cases, you may have to establish a limited liability company before applying for the grants. In addition, look for other small business funding sources, like loans and lines of credit. It’s important to check your credit score before you go out soliciting funding. Many lenders will only fund individuals whose credit report shows they can handle money well. If your score is too low, consider postponing your quest for loans until you are able to raise your score.


Creating a financial plan can help you work toward your small business goals. If you are interested in investors, you need to have a proposal written out to show them how you plan to generate revenue and manage your expenses. If your company requires equipment, you may benefit from equipment financing. When you finance equipment, you do not have to worry about collateral because the equipment is collateral.

Disabled mom in business

Use Accounting Software

Unless you’re a sole proprietor, you probably can’t get by without business accounting software. When you have business accounting software, it’s much easier to keep track of your business finances. This type of software can help you track your business income and expenses, so you always know where your business stands financially. Without business accounting software, it would be very easy to overlook crucial financial details, which could eventually lead to problems for your business. This software can also help you manage inventory and invoicing, so you can streamline your business operations and save time.

Disabled mom working from home

Connect With Your Clients

Make your customers feel special. Take note of how they interact with your brand. The way clients engage with you and your company can tell you a lot about your customer base. Learn to take constructive criticism. Respond to client concerns and encourage client satisfaction. Nowadays, most people have online platforms. Use your business page to connect with the customers. Keep your social media voice relatable to others. Be fun and casual on the internet.


As a parent with disabilities, you have your hands full at all times. Sometimes, you may not have time to generate your own content. Share your clients’ content on social media. For instance, if you sell products and your clients highlight the product on their page or take pictures of your services, repost them on social media. Encourage customers to talk about your brand.


Many people choose to include their pets on their social media posts to get the attention of the many pet-lovers out there. If you do choose to include your fur child on camera, make sure they’re at their best through regular grooming. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a professional though. Look online for great smelling pet shampoos. Then, get the kids involved in a designated spa day for your pooch to ensure they are always camera ready.

For disabled parents: How to start a home based business

You Can Juggle It All

Your life is full of hurdles. You may feel like you do not have the time for your professional ventures, but if you have a dream then you should pursue it. Start by creating a space that is designated for you to work, and ensure it has everything you need exactly where you need it. And take advantage of help through formation services and by re-posting your client’s content on social media. Juggling it all is about finding the shortcuts and the right support. You’ve got this, so make your vision a reality!


If you’re looking for a coach to come alongside you and motivate you to make your business a reality, then contact Darcey at Navigating Motherhood Coaching.