This week, I’m sharing a post written by Brad Krause. Are you a mom trying to juggle work, family and other responsibilities? If your career is an important part of your identity, it can be a struggle to maintain balance while furthering your career. You are not alone. There are so many of us in this boat! However, there are strategies that can help you become and stay successful in your profession regardless of your career path. This post maps out 3 ways women can get ahead in the workplace.

3 ways women can get ahead in the workplace

The fight for equality for women in the workplace seems to be making progress. As of 2019, 47 percent of workers in the U.S. were women. But in spite of that significant number, there’s still much to do when it comes to establishing women’s worth in the professional sphere.

NMC Coaching offers three specific ways women can achieve their dream careers without giving up their rights.

Adjust Your Attitude at Work

While no one can argue that it’s women’s attitudes that hold them back in the professional sphere, perception can play a significant part in your ability to boost your career. Changing the way you act, speak, and even email can affect your work.● Muscling your way into the break room won’t earn you any favors. But learning and applying powerful body languagecan increase your confidence (and impress your coworkers). It can also help you communicate more effectively in high-stakes situations.● Consider changing up your speech patterns. One speech coach suggests cutting “filler” words such as “like,” “I mean,” “just,” and others from your vocabulary for more powerful communication. Changing your speech may not be necessary, but it could impact the length and impact of your verbal interactions.● Understanding different communication styles is also crucial for success in the workplace. There are gender communication differences, so learning more about them can offer insight and help you strategize.

Make the Workplace Change for You

While many women are content to rise above professional barriers, others will feel compelled to break them down. And the truth is, making the workplace change for you is one way to ensure a well-trodden path for yourself and future generations.

Work life balance

● Encourage your workplace to host training workshops on diversity, sexual harassment, and other relevant topics that impact your work experience.

● Enlisting other women for support and advocating for work-life balance are two ways you can navigate a male-dominated field. It may not be easy, but it’s meaningful work that could pay off in the form of a promotion.

● It’s not easy to report harassment or deal with the aftermath. But if it’s happening to you or a coworker, you have rights. When it comes to discrimination at work, know the law and your rights so you can be prepared.

Business woman juggling work life balance

Do Something Different

Taking a different path than ‘most women’ in your profession (or generation) can be refreshing. Consider doing something unexpected with your career, and you may have a more unique experience than you’d think.

● Research suggests that women remain underrepresented in senior management roles. While you may not be in complete control of your professional trajectory, setting your sights higher is one way to start chipping away at the glass ceiling.

● If you really want to break the mold, choosing a male-dominated career path could be the perfect fit. For example,women in STEM roles are a minority. Despite the barriers, embarking on such a trajectory could mean more opportunities.

● Consider the benefits of adding a credential to your name. Even if your field doesn’t require it, obtaining state licensure or a formal degree can elevate your professional standing.● For women who are balancing (or want to balance) growing a family with their career aspirations, recognize the challenges and potential payoffs. You can enjoy both family life and professional endeavors if you don’t let guilt or a non-supportive partner get in your way.

3 ways women can design their career path

Pursuing a rewarding career shouldn’t be controversial for women. And yet, getting ahead isn’t always seen as a priority. But these avenues toward achieving your goals can help you recognize the potential that exists for your professional future. 

After spending most of his time in a corporate setting and neglecting his own self-care far too long, Brad embraced his calling and decided to become a full-time life coach. He now spends the rest of his life helping people get a better foothold on their wellness above all else. To learn more about Brad and his work, visit Self Caring.